MMM…what a surprise

Have you ever enjoyed a Malbec, Merlot or Mourvèdre? Not unlikely. But have you ever had a blend containing all three of them? Chances are you never have, and the same was true for me until I tried M.M.M. from Bellingham, South Africa.

A gimmick then, to combine these three M’s in one blend? Not quite! I was pleasantly surprised by the  quality of this wine and particularly it’s fine balance and beautiful harmony between three varieties which have a very different background: Malbec, producing “black wine” and extremely successful in Argentine, Merlot, despised by the main character in “Sideways”*, but still very popular and producing quality wines around the word, and Mourvèdre, known as Monastrell in Spain. However, the question I now ask myself is: why haven’t these been combined more often?

This wine is still very recognisable as South African, although less leathery then I am used to. It’s incredibly subtle, yet fairly complex and full of taste.


Country: South Africa
Coastal Region
Wine: The Bernard Series – Barrel Fermented MMM
Vintage: 2014
Producer: Bellingham
Grape(s): Malbec, Merlot and Mourvèdre

Appearance: red like very ripe raspberries or red cherries
Nose: very refined, yet not easy to unwind and describe; black currant, strawberry, viola, cherries, cocoa, subtle leather, sage and vanilla
Taste: sweet intro, middle very well balanced between sweet, acid, alcohol and tannin, explosion of flavours, red fruit in the arôme de bouche and a long, superb finish

Winose rating: ★★★★★


I haven’t been surprised by a wine like this for a long time and I hope I’ll manage to find and try more MMM blends in the future.

* Am I the only one who ever noticed the contradiction of a Merlot hater whose favourite wine is a Cheval Blanc…which contains 40% Merlot?

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