Loving South Africa

South African wines are always very special to me. I love how they are very concentrated and most of them can be easily recognised because of this typical leathery smell which somehow reminds me of the red earth they grow from. South African soil is very acidic and it is common for vintners to add lime to it in order to compensate.

While Pinotage is the most famous South African grape, I generally prefer their more elegant Cabernet Sauvignon or – a personal favourite – Syrah. In fact, one of my all time favourite wines is South African one which I once had the luck of tasting and buying from its producer about two years ago: Haskell Vineyards Pillars Syrah. I will certainly share my tasting notes if I manage to try this wonderful wine again.

More recently, I tried another fantastic and classically South African Syrah from Robertson Winery: Constitution Road Shiraz (their spelling). This wine was first launched 2004 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the country’s democracy under the new constitution. It’s made from grapes grown in Robertson in the heart of South African’s wine land. In line with the country’s meat tradition, we paired it with oxtail, although braised in an Asian sauce.  Surprisingly, this turned out to be a match made in heaven!


Country: South Africa
 Robertson, Breede River Valley, Western Cape
Wine: Constitution Road
Vintage: 2012
Producer: Robertson Winery
Grape(s): Syrah

Appearance: dark red with purple impressions
Nose: red currant, black currant, cherries, violet, boxwood, loads of leather, a hint of musk, coffee and smokey aromas
Taste: dry intro, sweet in the middle, meaty structure, dark fruit dominating the aroma de bouche, short and medium intense finish

Winose rating: ★★★★☆


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